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Happy 2nd Birthday Alexander!

This is the second year where we have had to celebrate Alexander's birthday without him being physically with us. Another year has gone: I am another year older, I have a new job, I can now drive (at least to work and back in pre-Covid times), we also now live alongside an invisible enemy which has claimed thousands of lives and the words “social distancing” are in my vocabulary. Many things have changed but not the pain of not having Alexander with us. Another year definitely doesn't make anything easier. I still don't know how to put fondant icing onto his birthday cake. There are many stresses and challenges; every small thing is still huge and every mound is still a mountain (and I have short legs).

Alexander, we haven't stopped missing you every second of the day. We haven't stopped asking why you are not with us; knowing that you should be here with us. With every day that passes, that's another day I miss you and another day of love added on. We hope that you know that you are a very well loved boy. Quoting one of your aunties, "Alexander touched us all and he made the world a better place". You are one truly special boy and we will never stop loving or missing you, be that in another year, another 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years......

Happy birthday Alexander (The Greatest)!

Lots of love,

Mummy and Daddy xx xx

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