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Happy 3rd Birthday Alexander

This year we celebrated Alexander's birthday with his little brother. Today was the first time we all went to the grave together. I'm not sure Jamie understands that he has a big brother yet- that there is another important person who means as much to us as him!

Alexander, you are a big brother now but this doesn't mean that we love you less. We may not visit your grave as often, we may not fold you as many origami animals as before but mummy loves you just as much as before. In fact, there is now more love because you have a little brother who loves you too.

Alexander, mummy can't physically hold you close, kiss your face like I do your brother's, but in my heart I do. In my heart, you are always close to me. Alexander, you are always in mummy's heart. Happy 3rd birthday my not so baby boy.

Lots of love,


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